Curvy Queens Fashions was born out of the desire to show and tell the world that


I've always loved fashion but at the same time I've felt so frustrated by the lack of clothing available to me as a Curvy Queen.

Women of larger sizes like me have a limited selection of clothing options. When I grew up in the 70's PLUS SIZE was a foreign word and category-there were few Plus Size Shops and major department stores were not carrying a large selection of Plus Size clothing either. I would daydream constantly about loosing weight so I could fit into all the fun fashions that my friends and peers were able to wear. Losing weight is a struggle for me but finding amazing clothes in any size isn't...any more!


Although the plus size industry has advanced over the last few decades bringing us more Plus Size stores as well as as better Department Store selections, I still can't get the fashions that I desire. I want clothes that are edgy and sexy with a real sense of style. I believe this curvy gal has a fire lit inside of her and I'm going to bring you the best stuff with tons of styles and choices in ALL sizes...Curvy Queens deserve it!


I decided that I wanted to find fashionable clothing and I knew it had to be out there...but where was it hiding and where to begin my search? My extensive research allowed me to find the best of the best in curvy fashions, trendy styles with ultra soft fabrics and the mixture of patterns which I refer to as mixed media fashion. It's has been hard work and dedication but I've seen it come together...I'm SO excited

to bring it to my Queens.

I'm thrilled to share my collections with you and as the site expands you'll see New fashions weekly.

My goal is to give you the best and largest selection of TRUE PLUS SIZE clothes that are Curvy...Classy...Trendy...Edgy. It's on!


Welcome to curvyqueensfashions.com

You're going to LOVE us.